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This can be a vegetarian meal if you use a vegetarian tortellini.  Ravioli would work too.


pkg of tortellini

pkg of “stir fry” frozen vegetables


Can use any sauce you have, but a more exotic option would be to use peanut sauce and cashews.

Base your sauce choice on the style of tortellini you’re using…or what you have in your fridge.

Boil and cook the tortellini as directed on the package.  While this is happening heat up a large skillet and give the package of frozen vegetables a head start in the microwave by zapping them for 2 or 3 minutes.   Next throw them in the skillet with a little water or oil.  Lastly strain the tortellini and then pour them into the skillet.  Lastly throw on your sauce and “stir fry” for a minute or two…Enjoy a simple slightly more balanced dinner


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