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Colorful Cauliflower

I’m still working out how to get my hands on seeds for these puppies.  Cause they’d definitely provide some awesome options.



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Insalata Caprese

This is a 12 minute short film. A great boy meets girl story.  So much here resonates with my outlook/desires for life.

one quote that really stuck with me:  “…your hope that the world can be a better place, it comes from seeing other people who live their lives in the most authentic, honest way possible”

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Very impressive.  I’m going to have to start practicing my dance moves while painting.

Youtube his name for more 4 minute madness.

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So I’ve come across two poets in the past few weeks. The first is Sarah Kay who I came across on TED.  Shes officially been added to my list of interesting people I’d invite to my dream/make-believe  dinner party.   Below is the TED video where in between two of her poems she describes her path and her aspirations.

The second poet is Tanya Davis.  The first video may sound a little EMO, but she pulls it off elegantly.  I like the second, mostly for the simple sketches in the video.  The videos are made by filmmaker/artist Andrea Dorfman.

“if you have an art that needs a practice stop neglecting it”…awesome

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I came across an ‘Economist’ lecture series on architecture, and have been browsing through videos.  I was impressed with comments by Liz Diller a NY architect who’s firm has some amazing work (http://www.dsrny.com/).   My particular favorite was the high line project.  I’m thinking a trip to NYC is necessary.

I know there are sections of rail line up the bay area peninsula…they’re not elevated or nearly as urban as the NYC scape, but it might be an opportunity to create a unique park experience.  Although I’m guessing these rail lines might be used for high speed rail…which would be a better use of the land.

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Transparent LCD

This technology could really change architecture.  So much potential to use this in creative ways, both for architects, and interior designers.

It’d be cool to have a 200″ screen that looked outside, that you could turn on and off.


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Gallons of Color!

What else would you want to do with an unlimited amount of paint.  Awesome!  I’d be tempted to draw some lines with toothpicks like they do with food.

I also think it’d be interesting to do this on non symmetrical pieces, twirling pieces, or uneven surfaces.

Link to youtube

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