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Cilantro Gimlet

Quite possibly the best drink I’ve ever had.  It is amazing.  Introduced to this drink at Radio on 13th street in Oakland, CA.

.5 oz simple syrup (can make with sugar and water)

1/2 lime

10 cilantro leaves

1.5 oz vodka

splash club soda


To make simple syrup simply heat up 1 part water, and then add about 0.75 parts sugar.  Get the water near boiling temp and just stir in the sugar until it has dissolved completely and then let cool.

Pour the simple syrup into a cup and add the juice of 1/2 of a lime.  Tear 10 cilantro leaves into the mixture and use a spoon to mash the cilantro leaves. Do this for a solid two minutes, you really want to get the cilantro flavor out of the leaves.

Next add the vodka, and pour the mixture into a shaker with a few ice cubes.  Shake.  Pour the drink through a fine strainer onto an ice cube and enjoy with a splash of club soda if you’d like.

Serve as is, or add a cilantro leaf or lime wedge.


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